Facebook Groups and Pages
Main Group

Want to discuss the old COSI? The Old COSI (note: there are other parts of Facebook with the same name) is one of the oldest and the most active locations for discussing the old (and new) COSI. It has over 1000 members and there has been a lot of discussion.

Other COSI/volunteer Facebook Pages/Groups

The Official COSI Alumni Spot is an old group for employees/volunteers.
There is a fan page on Facebook for The Old COSI mostly set-up by Brad Waldsmith.
There are a couple older Facebook groups around as well, although most haven't gotten many posts in awhile. One Facebook group that has existed for a long time is I Miss the Old COSI. There is a 2nd group also called I Miss the Old COSI on Facebook too.
If you are a former volunteer or employee there is another site called Former COSI volunteers.