Music will begin momentarily.

Welcome to the Battelle Planetarium. Please sit in one of the three rows of seats around the room. The best spots are in the middle of the room. All our stars are projected from the giant Spitz A3P Planetarium Projector in the middle of the room. It has approximately 4,300 little holes, some too small to put a piece of hair in. It's given over 80,000 shows.

Please don't take any pictures during the show or they'll turn out looking like the inside of a giant golf ball. If you have to leave early, please exit through the marked exit. This will prevent others from losing their night vision.

Picture donated by Erin Iesulauro Barker

This picture sat outside the planetarium for most of its existance. This picture was donated by Erin Iseulauro Barker who was given an 8x10 proof after the old bulding closed and who's related to Ed Young, who took the picture.

Credit: Picture comes from an old COSI postcard

Credit: Michael Hess; picture was posted on the x-y projector

Click here to exit the Planetarium after the show is over.

Click here to exit the show early because of a crying child.

Team Member only:Go into the planetarium office.

Galatic Wonder: Music by Geodesium. It comes from their "Fourth Universe" album and is used with permission. Go here to order Geodesium albums and support fine independent space music artists. Thank you Geodesium.

Thank you Mike Smail for telling me what music played in the planetarium. Other music included Geodesium's "West of the Galaxy" and "Anasazi" albums. Mannheim Steamroller's album "Christmas" played between Thanksgiving and Christmas.