To help people learn their way around COSI, Miriam (Natasha) and Myron Stewart created the following quiz. An updated version of it is still used to help new COSI employees find their way around the new COSI. A copy was donated to the website by Myron Stewart. Thanks Myron. Myron and Miriam sent most of the answers to me. Thanks Myron and Miriam.

Every answer (except for when noted otherwise) can be found on this site. Answers are in black.

COSI Facts Quiz

Created and Presented by: Miriam (Natasha) and Myron Stewart

Are you really as familiar with COSI as you think you are? The following 100 questions should help you find out just how many “Little” details you know. Although you can easily go to COSI and search for the answers, take it as a challenge to try to answer as many as you can on your own. Some questions that seem easy to some will prove hard to others, depending on where and how long you have worked at COSI. There is no reward for this quiz, just personal satisfaction. Answers will be handed out or posted later.

RULES: Although we can’t enforce these rules, since this is a contest, we’d really appreciate if you would follow them.

1. Please try not to share answers.

2. All answers can be found within COSI (This includes the Science Park, Solarfront, Limited Space, and Planning/Development Division). The Volunteer and Gameplan handbooks may be a good recourse.

3. Please be specific in your answers, Give the exhibit names and their location in COSI.


1. How many pegs surround the pendulum?

2. Where can you be quizzed on your baby-sitting skills?

3. Name all the Exploration Centers in COSI.

4. Two of the original stone steps that lead into Memorial Hall can still be found in COSI. Where?

5. Where are the Crayfish?

6. How many people are working in the Metal Recycling Plant?

7. What wall has been repainted an uncountable number of times?

8. What exhibit has a comic strip on it?

9. On what date did the new COSI Look officially go into effect?

10. Where could you at one time find Scamp’s portrait?

11. Who’s fishing boat is on the second floor?

12. What are the time periods or dates that are represented by the railroad?

13. How many scenes are in the Time Tunnel?

14. Name all of them!

15. What are the 4 cells that protect the body in the human immune system?

16. What president was the only president to also serve as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

17. Where is the Canary?

18. Who in COSI will hiss at you? (Other than supervisors, just kidding)

19. How many elevator shafts are in COSI?

20. Where can you find a rock that was excavated near I-270 and Rt. 161 in 1969 and is believed to be about 360 million years old?

21. What exhibit demonstrates friction?

22. What room can you see the latest news on upcoming things at COSI?

23. Name all three images that are shown on the light stick in the Solar Front.

24. How much is a COSI lifetime membership?

25. How many vending machines are on the Ground Floor?

26. What is the model’s scale in Vision Space?

27. What is the highest locker number in COSI?

28. How many workers tags are there at the entrance to the Coal Mine?

29. What is COSI’s Mission Statement?

30. Where can you find a picture of Columbus taken from 60,000 feet?

31. What wall contains a mural of the view of earth from the moon’s surface?

32. What window can you stick your hand right through?

33. What stairwell’s walls are painted with rainbow colors?

34. Who was the 13th president?

35. What clock always reads 11:30?

36. How many different stupid hats does the Workshop Team have?

37. How many showcases of “Science 2 Go” merchandise are there in COSI?

38. Who was the first 1000 hour volunteer?

39. What will the 9 Learning Worlds be at COSI on the Riverfront?

40. Name 3 things suspended from the ceiling of the Solar Front?

41. How many mining songs are played at the entrance to the Coal Mine?

42. Name them!

43. What year did COSI officially open?

44. Who is Oakly?

45. Approximately how many holes are in the star ball?

46. What date was volume 1 issue 1 of “First Hand News” printed?

47. What date was volume 1 issue 1 of “Sights and Sounds” printed? (Not on website. If you know this answer, please e-mail me or put it on the The Old COSI Facebook group).

48. How many divisions are in COSI?

49. Name them!

50. How many square feet does the current COSI cover?

51. Haw many square feet will the new COSI cover?

52. Name 5 floor vehicles from anywhere in COSI? Four are hidden around website. A 5th was likely one my the pendulum.

53. How many single doors can you pass through to enter or exit Solar Front?

54. Follow the stars (black squares)! How many are there?

55. In what show can you win a copy of “Wonder Science Magazine”?

56. Which president said: “All communities are apt to look to government for too much”?

57. What Major League Sport is always played at COSI?

58. Where is locker #1?

59. What does the COSI Penny look like?

60. What does COSI stand for?

61. How many steps are there on the stairs that lead to the High Wire Cycle?

62. Haw many volts of electrostatic energy, power the Electrostatic Generator?

63. In what show does the demonstrator perform an experiment on a marshmallow?

64. What puts the “BANG” in COSI?

65. What exhibit contains a sweat shirt with a polar bear sledding on a toboggan?

66. What single sentence are all COSI Team Members forbidden to use alone, as an answer to a visitor’s question?

67. How much is it for a family to enter COSI?

68. Where can you find the exact longitude and latitude at which you stand, in COSI?

69. What is COSI all about?

70. How many collections dose COSI have? (ex-sample: Cracker Jack Collection)

71. How many people are in McDonalds? (3rd floor)

72. Name 10 Limited Space exhibits!

73. Fill in the blanks to complete the song that is played by an exhibit:

“Press the thing you want to ______,

and then wait a minute for the ______!”

74. What exhibit plays this song again and again and again?

75. According to the Volunteer and Gameplan handbooks, what do all team members have in common?

76. Which president’s team was troubled by persistent inflation and his unsuccessful attempt to free Americans hostages from Iran?

77. On what date did this headline appear on a Columbus newspaper: “Atom Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima”?

78. Are you tired of answering questions?

79. What is COSI’s web sight address?

80. What exhibit tells some history of COSI, but is not located on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or Ground Floor?

81. The rotating stage on the 3rd floor, now used for Rat Basketball, was originally constructed and used for what show?

82. How many play phones are in Kidspace?

83. What one exhibit can anyone perform surgery without a degree?

84. Where in COSI can this phrase be found: “The Smith, a mighty man was he”?

85. What is COSI’s Visitor Service Strategy?

86. What year was this strategy adopted?

87. Who was George K. Nash?

88. What exhibit is sponsored by: Deercreek Honey Farms?

89. How many fire tags are there?

90. What is the theme for the Ground Floor area?

91. What exhibit contains 4 Pringle’s potato chip cans?

92. Where is the Organ Room, and why is it called the Organ Room?

93. What 4 items or conditions are needed to form a cloud?

94. How many animal skeletons are displayed on the 3rd floor?

95. Where can you find the “Family Health Test”?

96. What are the balls that are used for “Rat Basketball”?

97. How many gallons of blood are in a pig’s heart?

98. Where in COSI can a Model of the “Bicentenary Liberty Bell” be found?

99. How many carpeted trees are on the 2nd floor?

100. What six days of the year is COSI closed?