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Special Thanks: I set this website up in 2009, and I never imagined the feedback I'd get. There are a great number of people I have to thank for this and I tried to list everyone in the Contributions section. A special thank must go out to Douglas Reedy. In addition to hosting the website, he has unearthed many old COSI artifacts, given technical advice, and pushed the Facebook group/website at every opportunity.

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(Oct 29, 2014) Bruce said:

I was under the understanding that you were going to change the movie playing at the Nickelodeon occasionally.

Website Note: I forgot I had said I'd do that.

(June 29, 2014) Shannon said:

There is so much I miss about the old COSI. I used to volunteer there as a teenager in Kidspace. I miss the old town of yesteryear with the old Nickelodeon theater, the elephant figurines, making your own candles and paper. I miss the Time Tunnel. The Black Plague window always gave me an eerie feeling, but I loved it. I loved the round Planetarium, the Coal Mine exhibit, the Presidents exhibit, The Cracker Jack exhibit, etc. I could go on and over for paragraphs. I even remember the ghost stories about the place. There was supposed to be a ghost dressed as a COSI volunteer that would wander the street of yesteryear, for example. I really miss the Old COSI. The new one just doesn't give the same cozy feeling and it may just be me, but it feels like there was way more to see and interact with at the old one.

(Apr 4, 2014) Andrew said:

I remember many trips to the old COSI, always watching the gravity ball machine and the pendulum. The stuff on the first floor was always fun, although I had just turned 8 when they moved, so I can't remember a whole lot of details. I probably remember the 3rd floor best, with the play houses and phones. Even the smell of dish soap reminds me of all the bubble stuff to play with. It's a pity that we didn't all have phones with cameras back then to give us more and better pictures.

To be fair, I do still like the new COSI and still do visit occasionally. I think that the new one had its best years from about 2002-2004 with Space in its original location and i/o. My favorite thing to ever be at COSI was the Supernova 3 exhibit (summer 2003). It is still one of the coolest things I have ever seen, and I really wish they would bring it back permanently, or even at all.

Perhaps the old building holds some of the best memories simply because I was a little kid and got to play with the really fun stuff, but I would certainly love to be able to go back

(Feb 24, 2014) elissa said:

I love the old cosi better than the new cosi I know about the hauntings

(Feb 12, 2014) Nathan Caplin said:

The floors and passageways of the old COSI is an indelible piece of geography of my youth that I can still explore vividly when I close my eyes. It's sad that so much of what made it special didn't translate into the new facility. In retrospect it may seem corny, but it didn't feel that way then. The sometimes dark, often maze-like floor plans contributed to the sense of wonderment.

(Nov 11, 2013) me said:

I love your website, I work in the Memorial Hall building and I love trying to imagine where things were when I walk around here.

(Sept 9, 2013) Anonymous said:

I want the old cosi back

(Aug 31, 2013) Nate Redmond said:

What ever happened to the Presidential wax figures? I know the old cracker jack display is in the Marion, OH popcorn museum. I loved this retro tour of the COSI I grew up with.

(Aug 23, 2013) Michele McMahon Nobel said:

Thanks so much for this site! I volunteered at COSI from 1992-1996 and spent time on the Second and Third floors. The pictures alone brought back many fond memories!

(Aug 23, 2013) Amy Cribb said:

My Dad worked at COSI for 14 years when I was much younger, Iím 42 now. I would go to work with my Dad everyday during summer break. COSI was between the Christopher Inn and the Midland Building. My Dad parked on the side near the Midland building. I absolutely loved the old COSI and spending the time with my Dad. My sisters worked in the gift shop for a short time. I remember the candy sticks! I also remember Betty Bryant, Mark, Dick, Debbie (I think that is her name) she worked in the drafting department and Sandy and Chuck Halleck. I wonít visit the new COSI. If my Dad was here he would love this sight! Iím so glad a co-worker posted this site on facebook . Oh and of course I went over to the original Wendyís. Iím sad so many thing have changed

(Aug 23, 2013) Joe said:

I seriously miss the old COSI. The new one just isn't up to par.

(June 23, 2013) Anonymous said:

my email tod3381418@yahoo.com I volunteered in 1994 and latter part of 93 and sometime in mid of 1995 I stopped. what amazing memories! is there anyway I can find records of the voluneers of the past?

(June 14, 2013) avery fowler said:

i remember the coal mine and the history part too

(June 14, 2013) avery fowler said:

history when they had the slient movies of chraile champmen that were on

(June 14, 2013) Bill frm Wisconsin said:

I first came to Columbus Ohio in 1975 to take part in the annual TOSRV ó the two-day bike ride from Columbus to Portsmouth and back. The organizers and COSI had worked out some sort of arrangement whereby we picked up our registration materials on Friday night at the COSI, and also were allowed courtesy admission to the museum. What little I was able to see at that time made me return the next couple of years a day or two early so that I could spend most of the day fully exploring COSI ó the planetarium, the coal mine, the displays like the Chagall window. Glad to see that it's still around, but kinda sorry to know that they moved away from that grand old building. Also can't help but think that if COSI were still at the old hall that Wendy's first restaurant across the street would still be open too.

(June 10, 2013) Buddah said:

My parents would just drop me off with a sack lunch in the morning and then pick me up after work! Loved it there.

(June 9, 2013) Firstfall said:

I remember the place where you could look up old newspapers, and I saw the front page of the New York Times with the 'Aliens Crashed' headline that probably started this whole 'Area 51' conspiracy. LOVED it & I loved the old COSI. Only went to the new one maybe twice. It just isn't as cozy & isn't as 'neat to look at' as the old one was.

(June 6, 2013) Aleksa said:

I went to nearby Douglas Elementary School (now closed) and remember COSI fondly. It never got old, no matter how many times I visited! Once I reached Middle School (nearby Franklin MS, now closed) I volunteered as part of the Limited Space team. I wish I could have taken my children to old COSI... although they seem to like the new well enough. :-/

(May 10, 2013) Helen Davis said:

I'm from Marion originally and my grandma always took me here as a little girl. I would paint my face and play in the water and dress up on the 2nd floor in the history section. I loved learning about the presidents-- I guess that's why I'm so into politics now as a grown woman! But I loved learning about the Human Body too and the Time Tunnel was my favorite! The Black Death was particularly haunting to me. I miss the Old Cosi so much!

(Apr 1, 2013) Bobby White Bender said:

I am taking a virtual tour of the old COSI today in honor of Betty Bryan's birthday. Wonderful memories.

(Mar 30, 2013) Matthew Saunders said:

When I was a kid, I was convinced that the Coal Mine was an actual mine below the streets of Columbus somewhere. The "elevator ride" down had me fooled. Thank you for posting these pictures that bring back so many memories of my childhood! My family had a membership in the mid-1980s, and my father would take my brother and me on many Saturday afternoons. When I brought my future fiancee to Columbus for the first time, we went to COSI (still in the old location). I hope that kids today are just as enthralled by the new version as well!

(Dec 4, 2012) Tom Runyons said:

I went here many times during my childhood. I was there last Christmas at the new location , it was amazing to see how COSI has grown during my lifetime (1971).I had a wonderful day but I did miss the Presidents and the caboose. It was great to take my own daughter to a place I toured as a child many times with my family, friends and as a student with the Columbus City Schools.

(Nov 25, 2012) james bott said:

Lol they gave us tadpolls when we stayed the night with our cub scout group back in 88. They gave us name tags for them and I named mine stud Lol I remember sleeping on a floor in a big room at cosi. Is the old cosi building still there I would love to tour that place today.

(Nov 24, 2012) james bott said:

I loved that place I'm 32 now but as a young boy I had the chance to stay the night inside cosily with my cub scout group.I remember so much about that place what a great time I have never been to the new cosi and never will.

(Sept 26, 2012) Anonymous said:

The Coal Mine was the BEST!

(Jan 1, 2012) Anonymous said:

oh I did those 3 posts below..forgot to mention my kids took some classes and those were a lot of fun too.

(Jan 1, 2012) jane said:

The third floor I liked the gravity mirror and really really liked the reaction game where you got if super fsast you are faster than bugs bunny or something like that. I liked the nutrition thing where you entered your lunch and of course loved taking my kids to the kid sections. Especially liked blowing those big bubbles with the equipment. I wish I had known that when I was a kid.

I recall the man with all the drugs on him coordinated with each part of his body.

A memory that stood out was attending the field trip with kindergartener and the man asking if anyone had bugs or roaches and several kids raised their hands. The moms would have been mortified and never told. We laughed. The train and tower things were pretty good. Giant teeth and eyes xrays and other stuff plays in the back of my mind.

One of my all time favorite, favorite memories was Christmas. they had these lovely tree from various countires and other decorations and the best of all was seeing Mr Magoo each year in a Christmas carol. I can still remember them singing la la lalalalala in their screechy voices. I think this was one of the best times at cosi with my kids. We all had fun going every holiday season.

I cannot really stand the new cosi..the only worthwhile exhibits are the progress town which I do like as I grew up in the 60s and the ocean area. The rest is pretty boring. I only paid full price once or twice as not with the price now. I go only on first night. Even though we only have about 2 hours after vets, we see most of it with a quick run through when time is up. I think closing the old cosi and opening that one was one of the worst decisions they ever made.

Back to the old COSI I loved the entry with the fire truck memories, watching the ball move, riding the rocket ship, seeing the optical illusions and stuff was great fun to.

when I got home tonight from first night I typed old cosi into the search engine & found this sit and loved remembering and seeing these things again. I would never feel that way about the new COSI

(Jan 1, 2012) jane Icontinuing my anonymous po said:

n the second floor we liked the presidents some but not that much as the town was so inviting,. At the side you could see how many listens each presidents got and see how lever voting works.

The town was the big deal. We watched the little rascals and other old time films. liked the old car at Christmas with its presents and marveled at the horse tracks and other things they put in the sidewalk. And spoke of how realistic things were. Loved the old toys in the window so much and the hats and long ago you could go into the arcade and get cards with love letters and things on them.

The store general was always open and made me think of little house on the prairie stories. After the barn was a making paper exhibit that we happened to catch twice doing demonstrations and the house and tools and all. We saw the carsaft section with looms and spinning wheels and then the doctor and dentist office.

One of the most favorite things I liked was the elephant collection. OMG it was fabulous. when we had our season pass and went all the time we studied many of them. Later the cracker jacks came down overlooking the balcony wher ethe pendulum was interesting.

On the other side of floor two was the planetarium, the boat and the prices of items from the past which I found interesting. Exhibits in the past.

I now cannot remember if it was the 2nd or 3rd floor I think 2nd where stood pone of my all time favorites. The lemonade stand game,. when I got on it I could not get off it. I wish they had carried that and the elephant collection over to the new. the best thing there besides the progress town was when they first opened and way in one corner had stuff form the old cosi at the new in a memories lane thing but no longer there to my knowledge.

(Jan 1, 2012) Anonymous said:

Just got back form visiting the new Cosi on new year's eve. I was just saying to my brother wow we could pretty much see this whole building in 4 hours and most of it is not that interesting. I remember one year we got a season's pass to the old cosi and went so very often yet always found things to do like study the great elephant collection by the old town better.

I first recall going there when I was in high school so it was in the late 60s. There was an exhibit on the stairway between first and 2nd floor we liked but it is blurry. Something to do with phones or headphones or something. At one pint it was on the first floor also.

I have many good memories when my kids were not grown men like now. One thing I remember is a few trips with them with their kindergarten classes in the late 70s and early 80s. I remember being memorized at the mural wall sized pictures in the back cafeteria room where we were told to eat. Memories of the vending machines which were not that common when I frist started going. I remember getting broth in the coffer/hot chocolate machines it was cheap :) For a long time they had those old gum ball machines and stuff as a display and the see through drinking fountain and of course the coal mine which I have many good memories of from so many visits with my kids or my brother.

On the first floor some of the memories are of course the train which made us feel we had the whole place to ourselves and had a lot of fun with my boys roleplaying. I personally loved the ready set go picture snapping and stayed there way too long doing various poses. I liked the echo chamber where we clapped and shouted and the atoms in the various patterns and shakings of them in I could be wtrong but I thionk it was liquid, gases and solid form a swe pushed the buttons. We liked the trace a star that was hard to do with the mirror and spinning the car wheel.

I remember when the dinosaurs came and of course we like the electric generator show and the gift shop.

(Dec 23, 2011) Matt said:

Thank you so much for this site! I was 10 years old when COSI moved, and have been to the old COSI many more times than I have been to the new. I often get really upset at the new COSI, it's nice to see I'm not the only one. I really wish that I could go back and see all the exhibits from the old COSI, since my memories from childhood are a bit foggy and I wasn't old enough to fully appreciate some of the exhibits. Even though the new COSI is very nice and is very fun, it seems like the exhibits don't go into as much detail and are more geared toward a younger audience, while the old COSI seemed to offer something for people of all levels. COSI really nurtured my interest in science and technology and played a big part in shaping my life (now an engineering student). I just don't get the same vibe from the new COSI. As others have said, it is simply too big and too sparse. I was upset to see that many of the old exhibits didn't make it to the new COSI, even though there is much more space!

My greatest memories have to be from the glass-walled entrance, with the space capsule. Of course, rat basketball and the recording studio were always fun. I think I remember the entrance so well because once you were inside there was just so much to see that it's hard to remember specific things!

I have good memories from the new COSI as well. I have been several times with friends and family (including my high school girlfriend, who moved here from NY in 2002. I struggled very hard to try to convey to her how awesome the old COSI was in relation to the new. I wish I would have found this site then!) For my high school anatomy class we took three field trips to watch a knee replacement surgery, as well as a heart bypass (both live from Mount Carmel) and an autopsy (recorded). It was nice to see that the new COSI has programs to teach higher level audiences as well, but I think that they should be made available to a larger amount of people.

(Dec 16, 2011) Josh Warmund said:

Continuing my last post, some of the smaller exhibits like the wheel that taught you about gravity and centrifugal force and the color extraction and filtration exhibits were some of my favorites. The coal mine was always a fun exhibit too. For years, I couldn't get the song 16 tons out of my brain. LOL. All in all, I spent almost 500 hours volunteering at COSI and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. Being a father now, I hope to take my daughter Brooklyn to COSI even though it isn't exactly the same. The one thing that I took from volunteering at COSI, other than the assorted phone numbers from the ladies...lol "There is no feeling any greater than sharing knowledge with someone that is wanting to learn, moreover, seeing a child's face light up with excitement when you teach them something complex through a simple, yet fun activity". I hope some of the older exhibits come back out and are intertwined with the new technological exhibits. When I was there, there were many advances in development. COSI was a major factor in what made me the man I am today.

(Dec 16, 2011) Josh Warmund said:

Being a former volunteer, I experienced both the working aspect and the customer aspect. When I was a kid, I always looked forward to the more attraction type exhibits (electrostatic Generator, Cyro, Rat Basketball). When I was older, I learned more about science and the ability to teach others through entertaining. COSI is what truly brought me out of my shell. I was a quiet kid and didn't always fit in. At COSI, I was able to shine with my friends. I made life long friends of other volunteers. We laughed together, we cried together, we shared the common ground of not being the most popular at our schools but at COSI we could shine. I can remember my supervisors, Jarvis Carr and Craig Kelley, talking to me about making sure to follow the scripts and make sure to be enthusiastic. I remember when I did my first "rat basketball" show and I was nervous as could be. I was so nervous that Craig had to make my announcement for the show. Kids and adults all piled in to see my show. It made me feel like I was important and that I needed to get over my stage fright. After the show, Craig came up to me and high fived me and said, "See that wasn't so bad", and then followed up with "guess what, you are going to do the next one too". I asked him if he was going to make the announcement for me, and he said, "you just nailed that show, now you need to get past the fear of the announcement". From that moment on, the ringmaster from the circus announcement from me was unleashed. From then on, all of us would try to outdo the last announcement. LOL. I spent close to 300 hours of volunteer time on the 3rd floor and then I became aware I had an allergy to the animals in the animal lab. I was then transferred to the 1st floor. I then brought the ringmaster announcement approach to the 1st floor. I really loved the first floor because physical science was always hands on and you could really teach the kids. From the electrostatic generator to Cyro, to the chemestry cryogenics and combustion show to the smaller exhibits, I had fun!

(Oct 28, 2011) Holly said:

My sister and I loved the streets of yesteryear. Way back then there was an ice cream parlor, you could get ice cream, and an old little theatre that would show little rascals movies. There was also a place where you could get an old black and white photo taken,or a presentation on paper making. We would also go to Wendy's across Broad street afterwards. My sister and I also loved the coal mine tour. We really believed then, that we were going way under ground! Those were fun times!

(Oct 27, 2011) Brooke said:

Old COSI was the best! I used to love the "Streets of Yesteryear"! The Nickelodeon theater was the best! :(

(Oct 16, 2011) M. Wells said:

I remember the pendulum and was amazed how presise it swung back and forth knocking down those tiny pegs, and the static electicity ball,you would place your hands on it and your hair would stand on end lol" good times"

(July 12, 2011) Michelle said:

I have never even been to the new one! I was too upset of learning this one was closing! I was a child of the 80s/90s and as my family didn't have alot of money back then, we knew we could always have a great time together at COSI for a great price! I went with my dad,mom,sister, on fild trips just about every year several times. I am very sad its gone because I felt like if I could ever go back I would feel a piece of my childhood again. Now I can never get that back. Even when I used to go with my mom and dad they would tell me stories of when they went to COSI when they were younger. I was obsessed with Yesteryear section with all the history. I would stay there for hours! One of my greatest memories was going with my mom and sister to Cosi and then eating at the Wendy's across the street. It became a tradition. Good times.

(Jan 10, 2011) Lori McCracken Zeswitz said:

My first trip was in the late 1960's. I loved "The Triumph Of Man" and the nickelodeon on "Main Street." My father was one of the chief consultants for the underground coal mine exhibit. I got a 'sneak preview' tour just before it opened to the public -- early 1970's??

(Dec 9, 2010) Jack said:

I was only at the old COSI once or twice, in the mid 90s, but this site has jogged my memory, and I remember more than I thought I did. The old building seemed more active, more scientific, and a little less sterile than the current structure. Very neat site, hope to see more soon!

(Oct 27, 2010) Ian Sherman said:

-The various LIMITEDSPACE exhibitions: Mission to Mars (which featured a computer console bank, one of which had an animated man (whom I think resembled Louis Rukeyser) in the lower left corner of the screen; Square Wheels (which made me feel like I was in a car production plant); Whodunit? ("From the Channel 9 News Desk, I'm Brenda Waters..."); Liquid Vision (I used to be scared of the entry capsule, but everything else was HOT: the band room where it always seemed like "Louie Louie" and "U Can't Touch This" where THE songs for the exhibit, the neon fireworks shoot-'em-up game, and even a bank of monitors that played CGI animation); Movie Special Effects (particularly, the kitchen counter scene where we were all tiny and about to become victims of a cockroach chef puppet);

-KIDSPACE/FAMILIESPACE: I mostly enjoyed the water play areas (never forgot about the smocks you had to don), the playhouse, the Kids' Office, the rubber ball coasters, and of course, the Crystal Cave! I even recall that killer train set (complete with model McDonald's and hot-air balloon), the band room, the TV newscenter, the height-measuring robot, "Heart Television", the baby-doll ambulance, the Walking Piano, the antigravity mirror, and the Time Tunnel--especially the "Today and Tomorrow" film played at the end, featuring Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man" (which was also used in commercials for Riverside and Grant Hospitals).

-The Village of Yesteryear (we caught some of Dream Land's films, and delved into the Cracker Jack collection), the Planetarium (not much memories about that one, but I do remember the purplish backdrop), Angler Ted's Pier, and the Stock Market exhibit

-"Touch Ohio State", Recollections (Ed Tannenbaum FTW!), Capturing Your Shadow ("Get ready: 3, 2, 1..." *FLASH!*), and everything on the first floor.

Plus many more!

(Oct 18, 2010) Stephanie McGowan Moidel said:

I was a student volunteer at COSI from 1968-1971 and racked up well over 1000 hours. We visited the new COSI this weekend (October 17 2010) with our daughter who is a freshman at Ohio State.

The new COSI is an excellent museum, but I will admit I miss the Planetarium, the Durel Stree of Yesteryear and the Weather Station. There was a lot more human interaction between the staff (both professional and volunteer) and visitors.

We used to do a weekly forecast from the Weather Station and actually had a better accuracy rating than the Weather Service (in those days the forecast was done by the Cleveland office). I also lectured in the Planetarium and remember many happy days spent working on the shows with the staff. The demonstration in the Durel Street of Yesteryear were popular both with the visitors and volunteers. We learned to make candles, paper, spin wool and linen and weave. The Progress section is nice, but not nearly as much fun as the "Street" was.

Like most volunteers, COSI had a big impact on my life. I learned public speaking, made friends, met celebraties (we had Joel Gray visit) worked hard and played hard. I left COSI in August 1971 when my family moved to St Louis. I've often though of COSI over the years, especially when we visit a planetarium.

And I used the skills I learned in my career. I am a Process Control Engineer & Project Engineer (I attended OSU and studied Physics & Mechanical Engineering) for a company that makes cleaning products. Public speaking, being able to organize a presentation, and explain complex ideas are all skills I first learned at COSI.

(Sept 19, 2010) Todd Dobbs said:

Wow, this really takes me back. I volunteered over 1,000 hours under the supervision of Jan Davidson, worked as a paid part-time employee working with Jarvis (who could ever forget Jarvis?), and once I graduated from OSU I took a full-time position as a volunteer coordinator as the old COSI entered its final days, and the new COSI was under construction. I won't even try to post every person, memory, and event that impacted my life there, there's just not enough time to compose such a long history. I will simply say that the old COSI impacted my life in a very positive way, and the skills I gained working there have been a great aid to me in my current profession as a college professor. My fondest memories of COSI are of the people I worked with, they all shared a passion for learning and sharing knowledge that influenced my desire to be a teacher. I also loved having the opportunity to be the "Rat Man" for several years, training rats to play basketball for the old COSI, and for the traveling exhibitions all over the country that included rat basketball. I also enjoyed helping the Toledo, OH COSI set up their rat basketball program (nothing like being paid to transport a rat athlete to another team). I lost track of how many shows I delivered there, but my favorites were the Rat Basketball show in the Animal Lab, and the Perception & Optical Illusions show in the Bodyworks Theater (that I had to earn 500 hours of volunteer service to be qualified to deliver). I still proudly wear my old blue lab jacket that I rescued from the shredding pile during the move when I work in the photographic darkroom where I teach, and every once in awhile I run into a student here in Denver, CO who actually visited the old COSI, it's a small world indeed.

The old COSI had a heart and soul that sadly didn't translate to the new COSI, unfortunately when COSI moved down the street, Columbus lost a bit of its character in the process. Cheers to the original COSI!

(Sept 18, 2010) Stacey Dobbs said:

We loved the old COSI!! I haven't even been to the new one, even though my husband worked there. Todd volunteered there starting at age 12, and worked there as the volunteer coordinator after he graduated from OSU until we moved to Colorado.He was also the guy who taught the rats to play basketball.

(Sept 4, 2010) Dan said:

I first visited COSI in the mid to late seventies as a child. We were living near Cleveland and visiting friends in Columbus who took us there. I can most vividly remember the Coal Mine (who can forget!) and the Street of Yesteryear. We moved to Columbus in '79 - after which I visited COSI many times throughout my middle and high school years. A number of high school friends volunteered there, although I never did. As a student at OSU (class of '89), I don't think I ever made it there, although I did go once or twice in the 90's after I moved to Maryland.

I haven't been to the New COSI yet, but I will always remember the old COSI. It was a real gem!

(June 23, 2010) Brooke said:

I can not begin to tell you how glad I am that I found this website. I have MANY wonderful memories of visiting the old COSI as a child. It was my favorite place!! When I heard COSI was moving (and supposedly improving) I was so excited. I visited the new COSI as an adult with my husband and left in tears. It was NOTHING like the old COSI that I had loved so much. I often picture the old COSI in my head from memory and try to explain to my young neices how wonderful it was. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to look at some pictures and bring back some of those wonderful memories! Thanks so much!!!

(June 16th, 2010) Jessica Cranmer (Henning) said:

Wow! I can't believe no former volunteers have posted here yet. I LOVED the old COSI. The new one is so impersonal and way too big. The old one was smaller, yes, but it meant that everyone who worked there knew each other. We were a close-knit group. I worked in LimitedSpace and loved every minute of it. My first exhibit was MindZone. I remember working with a few of the kids from CAHS (who scared the living daylights out of me at the time, I was homeschooled and had never encountered someone with purple hair before). We used to swap ghost stories about the building... My favorite thing to do was to sneak downstairs on my break and grab my snacks and head out to the caboose. I used to sit in there my whole lunch break, reading or hanging out with my other volunteer friends. I made a lot of great friends there and have a lot of good memories.

(April 21st, 2010) Liz said:

I went there when I was like 3 or 4 and there was this giant lava lamp thing and a spider exhibition? RIng any bells?

(April 21st, 2010) Joe said:

I love your site! Some of my fondest memories of my childhood was visiting COSI, either with my family or on a class field trip. My favorites were the planetarium and the Gemini capsule. I remember seeing the giant human eye ball and the optical illusions. It was a major event every year we went and forged my enthusiasm for science, history, and space to this day.

The new COSI is but a shadow of itís former self, particularly with the absence of the planetarium. A fine institution in itself but Iíll always have a soft spot for the classic building.

(Febuary 17th, 2010) Brad said:

I miss the old COSI so much. I went there numerous times as a kid. My fondest memories are Cub Scout lockins when we could spend the night at COSI. That excited me so much! I also loved all the exhlibits in the entrance as well as the Coal Mine and the Street of Yesteryear. I remeember once going to a lockin with my best friend. He had just moved to Columbus and never been to COSI while I had many times. He took his family back the next day because he was so excited to see it again! I have started a Facebook group which was mentioned called "I Miss the Old COSI"

(September 19th, 2009) Sarah said:

I used to go to the old COSI all the time as a kid. My favorite memories are of Girl Scout overnights. It was so exciting to be allowed to run around without any adults. We brought home hermit crabs or butteflies from the workshops. I also loved the "cafeteria." I loved the pictures of food on the walls, the lights that looked like wagons and the clear water fountain as well as picking out my food, and feeding change into the machines. I remember my little sister thought we were really going down in the elevator to the coal mine. I loved going on a real caboose at the end just up the stairs from the mine. I feel like I really learned at the old COSI. There was a lot more about Ohio history and industry. Now that I have a son I miss it more than ever.

(August 28th, 2009) Eric said:

The first time I went to COSI was with my aunt and uncle when the dinosaurs visited. I remember being scared of them at the time, but think I enjoyed the trip. I was really excited when they came back.

My second trip is a day Iíll never forget. I was about 5 and went with my mom and sister. It was raining the whole day. I remember it being an absolute blast. When we went to what was then Big Kids Space on the 3rd floor, I remember playing in the house that eventually ended up in on the other side in (what was then) Little Kids Space. I pushed the doorbell and heard thunder at the same time. I thought that was the sound it made. I remember trying to get it to make that sound again later without any luck. When we got home that night, the rain flooded our basement badly. Needless to say, itís a day that has always stuck with me.

One of the coolest things to me as a little kid was the vending machines in the basement. Itís weird, but getting to choose the food out of them and sitting down there and eating was always a big highlight for me. I especially loved eating by the food groups wall.

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