In 1964 and 1965, there was a World's Fair in New York City. The fair was huge. One of the exhibits was called the Triumph of Man. This guided tour took you through different ages of man. It would eventually make it to COSI and be renamed the Time Tunnel. The Triumph of Man follows human civilization from its very earliest days until the then modern times. It is a little different than the Time Tunnel at COSI. There is no dinosaur section here. I believe that the Discovery of Fire and Orgin of Art were combined at COSI. All of these pictures were taken by Scott Bolderson. Thanks Scott.

In the days of CGI how impressive this sight was can easily be underestimated. I talked to a man who saw this exhibit as a 5 year old and never had even heard of COSI. He believes it was originally a ride as most things at the fair were rides, and vividly remembers how incredibly real the scenes were.