The Original COSI (Center of Science and Industry) Columbus 1999: This amazing video was posted by Jeff Tilton. They go all around COSI in 1999.

These two videos were posted to the Facebook group by Mariann Palmer. We the Dinosaurs and all around COSI in 1988. These are the only videos I have seen at all from before the 90s.

Video Vault: COSI Opening in 1964: 10TV uncovered this fantastic video of COSI before/right after it opened.

Time Tunnel: This Corey Aummiller video shows a few of the manicans from old COSI presidents display come out and explore Columbus. This is a truly amazingly done video.

Time Tunnel - GCAC / SID CAP-UP Window Video from Corey Aumiller on Vimeo.

COSIís 50th Anniversary: This WOSU video looks at COSI's first 50 years.

COSI's iconic pendulums keep swining: The Columbus Dispatch made this video in anticipation of COSI's 50th anniversary.

Josh - At COSI - Age 3 : COSI sold video tapes for the rock band room and Newsbooth. Here we can see Josh playing and his mom recording with the cameras that were set-up for those areas. Thank you Josh, Andrew, and mom.

A Tribute to the Old COSI: This video used pictures from around the site, donated by several people, as well as clips from Squirtman and Rubbertoe's visit to COSI (see below).

SQUIRTMAN-Educational Trip to COSI: In this video, the great Squirtman explores the Old COSI. You can really hear the sounds of the old COSI in the video. Thank you Squirtman and Rubbertoe.