The cafeteria offers a variety of food selections in many (around 13) vending machines. There is a soup machine, several vending machines with choices such a pizza, burgers, and more that can be cooked in one of 3 microwaves. There are pop machines including, one that put small pieces of ice into a plastic cup and then pours pop in. There are candy machines, an ice cream machine, and change machines (including one that only accepts dollars that you push in). There's a see through drinking fountain and tables on both sides of the cafeteria.

There are lockers down here, and they are bigger than the ones upstairs. The highest of the locker numbers at COSI is 316. The lowest number down here is 1.

Credit: Upp Family, COSI's last day

Note: First 3 choices bring you to the same page.

Get some bean soup and a Pepsi.

Get some pizza and a Mountain Dew.

Get some ice cream and popcorn.

Go to the "Water Cooler" drinking fountain.

Head to the Coal Mine.

Go back toward the elevator and stairs.

Employees/Volunteers only:Go to the industrial kitchen.

Employees/Volunteers only:Eat at the staff lunch room.

Head to the Ground Floor Exploration Center.