Welcome to COSI's Discovery Shop, later known as SCIENCE2GO!. Here you can buy all sorts of merchandise. You can buy astronaut food, COSI postcards, random gift bags, and much more. Once you could have bought a home version of the lemonade game. Outside on display, you can see some products and former products. As part of the display in front of the shop is a hat like the one Marty wore in Back to the Future 2. On the east wall of the store is a mural of the view of earth from the moon's surface.

Take your time and look around. What do you want take home? If you aren't sure yet, you might want to just keep an eye on the 8 (or 6 if multi-window displays are counted as 1) gift shop displays around COSI for ideas.

Go to the main exhibit area of the 1st floor.

See a show about static electricity at the Electrostatic Generator Stage (a.k.a. the Powerstation).

Go to the lockers and toward the elevator.

Other Floors

Head up the stairs to the 2nd floor.