While one of the original planned exhibits, Space did not open with the new COSI, but was open within a year of the move. It still is at COSI but is the only major exhibit to have the distinction of having been on all 3 floors.

When Space opened it was on the 2nd floor. This was likely its biggest location and I do know that it originally had at least a of couple things that are no longer there. It had a 1960s style living room which had a TV showing various rocket launches and moon landings. It also had a theater which it used to show space related shows. The theater is still at COSI today and still referred to as The Galaxy Theater (with space themed painting still on the walls).

Above: Images from COSI's website about the original Space exhibit.

In 2004, COSI was forced to make budget cuts and this whole wing the building was shut down. The area is now used in conjunction with the original Gallery 2 for larger separate pay attractions such as Titanic, Sherlock Holmes, Bob the Builder, etc.

Space would reopen within a few years taking. This time it would take up much of the space that the Sim Zone had once used right by COSI's entrance. It was configured somewhat differently than upstairs, but worked out very nicely. I believe it was at this time that the space capsule from the old building was added to space.

In the early 2010s, Space was moved away from its first floor location and moved onto the Mezzanine level. I believe that the large structure in the middle which includes cabinets for astronaut food and using with space gloves (used to be putting together Mr. Potato Head and now pushing buttons) was originally in the Mission to Mars traveling exhibit. Space's old 1st floor location would be taken over by Energy Explorers. There would be another small change as the Planetarium re-opened and SPACE was pushed out a little and now also occupies the steps going down to the first floor and a little on the first floor itself just beside the steps.

If anyone has anything to add about the old incarnations of Space, please e-mail me at ericupp@gmail.com

Below: The first map is one I scanned that I believe was from either 2003 or 2004. The second is from COSI's website in 2008.