Welcome to "Our Earth Theater." Look around here for ways we can recycle. Two people work at the Metal Recycling Plant. At Trash 2 Treasure, you can see several things to be recycled including 4 Pringle's potato chip cans. You can listen to a Trash Can sing "Press the thing you want to know, and then wait a minute for the video!"

At least two of demonstration carts (mini-shows) were on this floor. A "weather cart (where we made a cloud in a jar) and a trash 2 treasure (where we took bits of plastic and made tokens by melting the plastic in a toaster oven" demonstration were around here. (1)

Go to the presidents' display (and toward old town).

Walk past the crime section to the metric system.

See the amazing things computers can do.

Pretend to be a weather man at the Weather Station.

Check out Water Wonders.

Go to the Free Enterprise and crime exhibits (and toward the old town).

Go to Angler Ted's Pier/exploration ship (and toward the elevator and planetarium).

1. Thanks Gwyn Miller for this information.