After COSI moved, it put the presidents' from its former presidents exhibit for sale on ebay. Ben Heckman bought 27 of the less collectable ones and here's how they looked when he got them. Some of them were quite old. Thanks Ben Heckman for posting these pictures on the Facebook group. He figured some were older than 40 years old.

Ben posed 6 of these at his wedding reception in 2008 and the Bexley Public Library had then presented briefly and they were quite popular while there despite their shape. (1)

While not bought by Ben, Abraham Lincoln sold later for between $300-$400 (far more than the others given his popularity. (1)

A few years after I posted this page originally, Corey Aumiller got hold of a few of the other presidents and made this amazing video and display.

Thanks Ben Heckman. If you'd prefer the pictures only on the Facebook group please e-mail me. Thanks.

(1): Info from The Columbus Dispatch.