We are now just inside COSI's Solar Front (there are 21 doors into or out of the solar front). This facade serves as both a great place for exhibits and for protection of old Memorial Hall. Memorial Hall has a long history itself. Two of the original steps leading up to it can still be seen and are used as benches. A location marker showing us our exact longitude and latitude is also right in front of us, below the hot air balloons.

Hanging from the roof, we can see several impressive sights. Above us sit the Apollo Command Module, a Space Probe, the Jenny Cloud Dancer airplane, and the Moriner II.

Inside COSI, you can choose your next area by clicking the map at the bottom of the page. You can also click on one of the options below the pictures or click on parts of the pictures with a yellow outline.

Credit: Upp Family, COSI's last day

Credit: Squirtman and Rubbertoe, see their video in the Videos section Credit: Upp Family, COSI's last day

Lower Level of Solar Front

Turn left and see the fire truck.

Go look at John Glenn in the Mercury Capsule.

Go look at the Great Gravity Gizmo.

Go down steps and look at exhibits down at lowest part of Solar Front.

Up the Solar Front

Turn right and go up the ramp toward the space capsule.

Turn left and go up the steps to the upper level.


Exit COSI.