We are in the upper section of the Solar Front. Here there are controls to the hot-air balloons which you can make rise or fall with hot air. There are also 2 yellow disks on opposite sides of each other. While talking in one disk, someone next to the other can hear you perfectly. You can also control a light stick with switches here. From them you can see: Edison’s Face, the word “Edison”, the word “Ohio”, and a light bulb on & off.

Click one of the first two pictures, choose an option below, or click on the 1st floor map.

Credit: Dave Taylor http://www.pacsci.org/ Credit: Jennie Keplar.

Enter old Memorial Hall and the main part of COSI.

Go down the steps back to the lower level of the Solar Front.

Head down the ramp by the space capsule.

Go see the "Jenny" airplane.