We pass into the main building, into old Memorial Hall. To get in, you must either pay or show your membership card.

Click on the one of the two bottom pictures to go in the main building or back to the Solar Front or choose one of the options below the pictures.

Credit: David Hutchison Credit: Jennie Keplar.

Main building

Show your membership and enter the lobby.

$$$Pay and enter the lobby.$$$

Employee/Volunteer only:Go up a set of marble steps.

Solar Front

Exit the main building back to the Upper Level of the Solar Front.

Exit the main building and look at the "Jenny" airplane.

Exit the main building and head back down the ramp toward the space capsule.

Exit the main building and head back to the lower level of the Solar Front.

Pictures comes from Jennie Keplar, a former COSI volunteer. Thanks Jennie. Membership card was one of my families and found by my sister. Thanks Kori.