In Life Sciences, you can look at a giant jaw (and learn about the health of your teeth), look at hearts from various animals, see through the transparent women, learn about cancer, explore unborn health, sexual reproduction, veterinary science, look at your kidneys, and consider life choices.

One exhibit here is on your lungs. Here you can check to see how long you can hold your breath. Did you know you could go 5 weeks without food, 5 days without water, but only 5 minutes with air? Do you know how often you should cough in a day? It's 0 if you're healthy.

Here you can can simulate performing laser eye surgery even without a degree. You could take the "Family Health Test" (right next to the aquarium).

You might learn about how Killer T-Cells, Macro sages, NK Cells, Bee-Cells protect the body in the immune system. Maybe you'll learn that cockroaches will hiss at you. You can see that pigs have 6 quarts (1.5 gallons) of blood. You can normally see 4 animal skeletons on display.

At least two of demonstration carts (mini-shows) would make it to this area. "A cart where different flavorings were put on cotton balls and placed in film containers and guests tried to figure out what they were smelling." "Also on that floor was a cart about germs where they had you go wash your hands and then they had this light that showed you how many germs were still on your hands." (1)

One other exhibit that occupied this space was the maze.

Credit: Dave Taylor Credit: Dave Taylor

Different Era:Walk to maze.

This Floor

Go to the Animal Lab.


Walk toward the trains and play houses portion of FAMILIESPACE.

Walk to the water play area of FAMILIESPACE.

Learn about your bees.

Walk to the gravity mirror (and toward the Time Tunnel and elevator).

See a show at the Bodyworks Theater.

Head to the Time Tunnel exit and stairs.

Other Floors

Head to the 2nd floor.