Welcome to COSI's old town, The Street of Yesteryear.

In this part of the street, we journey through various places of the 19th century. We see the 19th century Lucas Sullivant room, followed by a doctors and dentist office on one side of the street. A textile area is on the other side of the street. The Street of Yesteryear gives you the feeling of being outside. There are 9 carpeted trees in the street.

This section of the Street of Yesteryear

OHead to the Lucas Sullivant room.

OHead to the doctor's office.

OHead to the dentist.

OHead to the summer kitchen.

OLook at the tools you need to survive on the frontier.

Further down the Street

OWalk down the street to the Frontier kitchen, blacksmith, and more.

OWalk down the street to the Dreamland Nickelodeon, elephants, dress shop, arcade, and more.

OHead down the street to the edge of the Street of Yesteryear near the Museum Attic.

Outside Street of Yesteryear

OGo to the Crack Jack display.

OGo the presidents' display.