In this section is an extensive miniature train set. Visitors can control many trains with the available buttons. They can also change their section of the display from day to night. When it's night, the overhead lights will go off and the lights on the train and buildings/houses will be quite visible. The trains cover 5 different periods: 1750, 1850, 1910, 1930-1940, modern/future. In the modern/future part at corner of the exhibit is a McDonald's/train station. It's 3 stories tall and appeals to many kids. There are 27 people in McDonald's and 37 in the whole building. There is also a computer that quizzes you on train safety.

Credit: Dave Taylor Credit: Douglas Reedy Credit: Dave Taylor

Head toward the houses in FAMILIESPACE.

Head toward the water attractions and KIDSPACE.

Go into the Rock Band Room.

Go report the news at the News Desk.

See the Health Exhibits.

Walk to the gravity mirror (and toward the Time Tunnel and elevator).