We are now at the Chem Demo Stage. Here COSI volunteers will teach visitors some things about Chemistry. They will make hydrogen balloons explode (which really put the BANG in COSI), show us some of the effects of electricity, and probably most interestingly, drop liquid Nitrogen that all the kids (and maybe some adults) will run up to touch. In Chemistry Bingo you might win a copy of "Wonder Science Magazine."

At the Cryogenics and Combustion show, we can find the Scamp portrait.

1st Floor Main Exhibit Space

Walk to (or past) "Capture Your Shadow" heading toward the caboose.

See an electricity show.

Explore Recollections and head toward the High-Tech Showcase.

Look at other exhibits on the 1st floor.

Leaving 1st Floor Main Exhibit Space

Go to the gift shop.

Head back to the lockers and elevator.

Outside Main Building