Welcome to Recollections. You can stand in front of this screen and it will project your movements out in many different colors.

1st Floor Main Exhibit Area

Walk up to the High Tech Showcase

Head up to the High-Tech Showcase and see the Bodybuilding: Bionics and Transplants show.

Head up to the High-Tech Showcase and see the 'CYRO' Robotics Demonstration show.

See a chemistry show.

See a show about static electricity.

Go to "Capture Your Shadow" and toward the caboose.

See other exhibits in the 1st floor main exhibit space.

Outside Main Exhibit Area

Go to the gift shop.

Walk to the pendulum lobby.

Outside Main Building


The YouTube video was cut from a part of the video Squirtman-Educational Trip to COSI. Thank you Squirtman and Rubbertoe. You can visit their official website at squirtman.com.