Want to contribute?:If you want to contribute a picture, story, or any information, please e-mail me at ericupp@gmail.com or post it to The Old COSI Facebook group.

March 23rd, 2015: Thank you everyone who has participated in discussions over at The Old COSI facebook group. The 50th anniversary brought a lot more people over. This update should have been a long time ago given all the 50th anniversary events and pictures posted, etc, but better late than never.

Picture Thanks: Many thanks to David Hutchison, Al Teich, COSI, Douglas Reedy, Berta Burnes, Lena Welch, Leonard Sparks, Susan Everly, Storm (Thompson) Steiger and Tony Bolton for finding and posting pictures or scanning. All pictures that were added do have a watermark of the person who took them when possible (outside a few of the ones I took myself). If it's a COSI produced item donated, then credit is given either by scrolling over the picture or somewhere else on the page.

The Old new COSI section has been modified quite a bit. I've added pictures to i/o, The Sim Zone, The Weather State, the older space exhibits, Cityview, The Big Science Park, and Sherlock Holmes.
I've added a section for the 50th Anniversary which includes both the day itself and The Old COSI Exhibit, including video from the coal mine.
I also adjusted the Extra Things section of the website substantially.
I've added pictures to a few LIMITEDSPACE attractions. This includes the Powers of Nature, Mission to Mars, and to Virtual Racing and Square Wheels.
I've added the 1978 map.
I've added a picture to the General Store.
An article about the opening of the Street of Yesteryear has been posted.
Two pictures have been added to the Christmas section.
A COSI cookbook has been added.
Two pictures to the Health Exhibits have been added.
Multiple pictures to the Time Tunnel are now up.

The next update (a smaller one) will probably be to put up older pictures (mostly black and white) that Douglas Reedy and Tony Bolton have posted.

March 15th, 2014: Happy 50th birthday COSI COSI turns 50 on March 29th and anticipation of the anniversary, this website is getting its biggest update ever. Pictures have been added to everywhere and below is a fairly full list of everything, but not completely comprehensive.

Videos: For years, I've seen very few videos from inside the old COSI. In the last couple of months, that's changed and we are adding several great videos. First a fantastic video was put up on the Facebook group by Jeff Tilton. It goes all around COSI in 1999. Shortly after he posted that, Mariann Palmer posted two from 1988. These both give you a great feel for being there and are amazing to see. Corey Aumiller's exhibit Time Tunnel which features several of the old COSI presidents doing amazing things must be seen and has been added with its own section. I've also embedded two videos posted online by 10TV and The Columbus Dispatch. One takes you around COSI around it's opening and one looks at the pendulum in anticipation of the 50th anniversary.

Basement: I finally have the final song sung in the Coal Mine. It was a song called, "Dark as a Dungeon" sung by Chad Mitchell. A link to the song on Youtube has been posted in the coal mine section. Thank you Robert Finnerty. Meanwhile, Douglas Reedy has contributed a partial transcript of the spiel used when the coal mine was a guided tour. From Shannan Lieb, I've added sections for staff dining, The Ground Floor Exploration Center, and the catacombs.

2nd Floor: On the 2nd floor, there are some new pictures from David Hutchison and Shannan Lieb (whom I am way overdue in thanking here) to the CIVIC Computer Experience section. More importantly, there are lot of new additions to the Street of Yestyear from them, several from Robert Finnerty, and one or two scanned from the COSI official reports by Jennie Keplar. A huge thanks also to Erin Iesulauro Barker who posted Ed Young's picture of the planetarium. This is the exact picture which sat in the hallway just outside the planetarium for almost the entire existence of COSI. I've added one picture to the exploration ship from Kristin Runkle Bloebaum.

LIMITED SPACE: There's has been pictures added to the Destination Space!, The Lost World: The Life and Death of the Dinosaurs, and Liquid Vision sections. Again, thank you David Hutchison. Thanks to Erin Iesulauro Barker, I've also added the Mission to Mars section.

3rd Floor: The third floor has been updated more than any other section. The Health Exhibits have replaced the maze. Again thank you David Hutchison and Shannan Lieb for the pictures. Shannan also thank you for the picture of Bodywork North. Thank you Mariann Palmer for the picture added to Big KIDSPACE.

1st Floor: I've added a section for the Christmas at COSI. Thank you again David Hutchison, Jennie Keplar, and Tony Bolton. Pictures have been added to the Lobby, Pendulum Exploration Center, gift shop, and main exhibit area. Thank you Shannan Lieb. From Marquia Nielsen I added pictures to the space capsule and fire truck. From Lena Welch I added one of Cyro's last pictures.

Outside: I've added some pictures of COSI at night. Thank you David Hutchison for that. I have also added a picture of the submarine thanks to Marquia Nielsen, a very old picture of Wendy's and of East Broad Street thanks to Tony Bolton and COCO: Classic Old Columbus Ohio. I added a pictures to the Science Park thanks to Douglas Reedy and Jennie Keplar.

History: I've added a lot more details to the Old COSI History section and the New COSI section (including adding a time lapse image of it being built). Separate pages exist now for Central High School and the 1997 celebration of the beginning of construction.

Maps: A second 1982 map has been posted. Thank you Douglas Reedy. I've also posted a 1988 map (thank you Steve Mokris), and a 2008 map (found online through COSI's website).

New COSI: In addition to updating the new COSI history, I've also added a new section for former/changed COSI exhibits at 333 West Broad.

Toledo: A new section has been added for COSI Toledo.

Extra Stuff: This area of the website has been remodeled a bit and several things added. I added a 40th anniversary pamphlet that Douglas Reedy found and 25th anniversary pictures have been added (pictures posted by COSI and Douglas Reedy). I also have posted Camp-In badges and an old billboard (thank you Douglas Reedy for both).

Edit: Two last things. I've added a section for Special Effects: The Science of Movie and Television Magic as well thanks to the the great facebook page created for it by Jeff Carlisle and another picture James Sawyer. I've also added a video of the generotor thanks to Douglas Reedy.

September 20th, 2013: I've updated with a lot of pictures and some cosmetic changes. The 3rd floor interactive map was never uploaded and has since been added.

Big changes have happened throughout the 2nd floor except for on the Street of Yesteryear as pictures from David Hutchison I've had for awhile have finally been uploaded. Pictures from his will also be added in the next update which will probably focus on the Street of Yesteryear and/or the 3rd floor. I also have a ton of good pictures from Shannan Lieb from throughout that I need to add and will hopefully be at least partially on the next update.

I got an email from Lynn S. (who didn't care about credit, but I wanted to give her some) and she sent pictures of the 1989 map and bags in the gift shop.

June 13th, 2012: I know it's been a year, but I have a big update today. First I want to apologize to everyone who has sent me something. I've received a lot that hasn't made its way here in spite of getting it a long time ago.

The Virtual Trip has been changed a lot. A lot (and I mean a lot) of new pictures have been added throughout the first floor, Solar Front, and basement. These are mostly thanks to David Hutchison who gave me an absolute ton of great pictures. I still have a lot more to add from him. Thank you David.

Also on the virtual trip you'll notice a change in way you navigate. The words options are still there and will not be disappearing. The individual maps at the bottoms of pages though have been replaced by general floor maps (other than in the Street of Yesteryear). You can click on where you want to go on the map itself and it will take you anywhere on the floor. Also, any picture that is surrounded by a yellow border can be clicked on. For instance, in the Solar Front, you can click on the fire engine and it will take you up to the fire truck. This feature will NOT get you to all areas and is right now limited. I am both considering getting rid of it and expanding it. I'll decide for sure later.

Thanks to Ed Lewis, I was able to add some information to the history page about ISOC and his dog RODOG.

Tony Bolton sent me pictures from The Ohio Railway Museum that contains former characters from the Time Tunnel.

David Hutchison gave me pictures from the Columbus Zoo where many of the elephants have found a new home.

Tom Lutherman has created his own Virtual Triumph of Man that I encourage everyone to check out.

May 17th, 2011: I've got a huge update today. First I want to profusely thank David Hutchison. He used to work at COSI and had hundreds of pictures which are only now starting to make their way on the site. What will probably interest most people most is that the whole Coal Mine has been greatly expanded (both the outer and inner parts) thanks to his contributions. Additionally his pictures have been added all over the Solar Front. You can see them just inside the entrance, the lower section, The Great Gravity Gizmo, the ramp, the mercury capsule, the fire truck, the solar dishes, and admissions. One picture has also been added to the cafeteria.

The navigation for this site is slowly going to be expanded. Any picture with a yellow background can be clicked on. Rather than choosing the options below a picture, you can instead click on different areas of the picture to move around. For instance, if you want to go inside of COSI from outside, you can click the front doors. You can't get everywhere with this option (I don't have the pictures for that), but I've updated the entire Solar Front and as much of the basement as I could.

Thanks to Gwyn Miller, I've got one of the remaining two questions left in the COSI Fact Quiz. Question 52 can now be found. Thanks Gwyn.

COSI has given me permission to use the picture which is now on the main page of the Virtual Trip. Thank you COSI.

Tony Bolton posted pictures from when the Coal Mine opened and when the Time Tunnel opened at Cosi. Thanks Tony.

Finally, in an effort to make things more readable (thanks for e-mail Tony), I'm in the process of changing the colors around. Links are now going to be mostly orange. I also decided to switch out most black (for mainly orange and white) other than for the COSI Facts Quiz.

January 7th, 2011: I'm playing around with a change to the site. Now the outside and the Solar Front have clickable pictures. You can't get everywhere by clicking on the pictures, but you can navigate those parts pretty well just by clicking on the pictures. Hopefully there will be more parts up soon.

November 11th, 2010: Several updates, most thanks to items contributed from Douglas Reedy. There will probably be another update this weekend (if not, early next week) as well. First we have two new maps, both the 1982 map and the 1985 map. After that, I've added the article with COSI's dedication. All three of those come from Douglas.

I'm also adding pictures from the Wyandot Popcorn Museum in Marion. The Museum has parts of the Cracker Jack Collection on loan from COSI (only part of the exhibit was reset-up at the new COSI). It's a really neat smaller museum and I'd encourage anyone in the neighborhood to check it out. Most of it actually has nothing to do with popcorn, but the whole thing is neat and cheap (and you get free popcorn).

September 26th, 2010: I've added a Contributor's page. I've tried to give credit to everyone who has donated a picture, a video, or given really good advice. If your name is missing, please e-mail me at ericupp@gmail.com. Thank you everyone who has helped this site grow.

July 30th, 2010: This update took a lot longer than I expected, but with pictures from Dave Taylor again, I've added sections for the lungs exhibit and for the bees. I probably either going to work on bigger 3rd floor changes or a contributors page next.

June 27th, 2010: With pictures from Dave Taylor again, I've added sections for the upper level of the Solar Front (also a picture here from Jennie Kepler) and for the 'CYRO' Robotics Demonstration.

June 20th, 2010: Lot's of updates today. Most of them come from Dave Taylor. Dave Taylor went around the country visiting and taking pictures of museums. He sadly passed away about 5 years ago. The Pacific Science Center had requests that his pictures be put online and in his memory, they do keep his pictures up. If you'd like to see pictures from the many museum's Dave took pictures of go here.

With Dave's pictures, I've added pictures and redone KIDSPACE some. You can see updates to the entrance to KIDSPACE, to the lower level of KIDSPACE, and to the water play area of KIDSPACE. The Crystal Cave has been added as a section. I've also added pictures to the electrostatic generator page, the trains, Recollectionss, and Water Wonders. I've added a section for History of COSI exhibit at the New COSI with his pictures. I've changed around LIMITEDSPACE on the Virtual Trip so that you can choose several exhibits. With Dave's pictures, I've added a section for Liquid Vision.

Since my last update, I have spoken with Douglas Reedy and he has done a lot of work looking for old COSI pictures, information, etc and has some really neat ideas for the future. I'm going to slowly be putting into place some of them, which should hopefully speed the website up some. If you click on the Virtual Trip you'll see one beautiful image he found that is currently serving as the main image. He also located two articles about the old COSI, which I've put up on the website (COSI at 30 and Coal Mining has Routes Here). Finally, there is a new video on the site from inside the Rock Band Room and at the Newstand from Andrew, Josh, and his mom.

May 29th, 2010: I've got another set of updates today and, thanks to finding several more pictures, there will be another big update fairly soon. First thank you again Douglas Reedy. He is the one who made that great looking logo that is now on the front page of Virtual Trip. It was all done from computer not a scan which definitely impresses me.

With the pictures from the Columbus Library (again discovered by Douglas), I've added a lot to the Street of Yesteryear this time. I've added a section for the Tinsmith and for the Museum Attic. I've added pictures along the street, to the Summer Kitchen, to the Pioneer Kitchen, to the general store, to the blacksmith, and to the Dreamland Nickelodeon.

Finally, I have changed around the Old COSI History and New COSI History pages.

May 22nd, 2010: I've gotten a lot more help from Douglas Reedy with several aspects of the site. For one, you can now go to oldcosi.com he's moved things over so that now if you go to oldcosi.com you will not have the ads which is a huge plus (before it was just at oldcosi.110mb.com that didn't have them). He also suggested the little bar by the website address which should hopefully show up now. He has also helped me find a lot of pictures which are going to be making their way on to the website. I still have a lot to use (particularly for the Street of Yesteryear), but here is the first batch of updates. On the Virtual Trip there is now a section for the trains and the Mercury Capsule. I've also added pictures going up the ramp in the Solar Front and to the Christopher Inn. I've added pictures to the Old COSI History section, the Memorial Hall History section, and the Volunteer Party section. Additionally there is now a page with a scanned copy of Sights and Sounds, COSI's newsletter/newspaper. Thank you Douglas for all of this.

I've also added videos to the Triumph of Man section. Someone posted YouTube videos for the record to the exhibit and they are up now. After talking to someone who was there and vividly remembers the ride (although has never been to COSI), I've found out that it was probably a ride originally as most things at the World's Fair were.

May 10th, 2010: There is now a fan page on Facebook for The Old COSI. While I have helped out a little with this, most of the credit needs to go to Brad Waldsmith for getting this set up.

May 2nd, 2010: Douglas Reedy posted several old COSI pictures which he is letting me put up here. With them, I've added sections for Candle Making, the Bodybuilding: Bionics and Transplants show on the High-Tech Showcase, and the Christopher Inn to the Virtual Trip. I've also added a section for Square Wheels with his pictures and added pictures to the Electrostatic Generator Stage, the Frontier Kitchen, the exploration/fishing ship, the water section of FAMILIESPACE, and the Planetarium. Thank you Douglas. They helped a lot. To see more of the pictures Douglas posted, click here.

I also added a section for the Virtual Trip with St. Joseph's Cathederal. Neither it nor the Christopher Inn are going to be as detailed as Wendy's, but I imagine they both were part of the COSI experience for some people.

April 25th, 2010: A new YouTube video using pictures from this site and video clips from the Squritman and Rubbertoe video has been added. I changed up a couple of the other sections too. Memories and Stories is now its own section and you can post directly on the website. I took the comments from the old guestbook and put them on there directly. I put videos as its own section.

If anyone actually reads these updates, thank you for coming to this website. It has been a great experience for me, and I've learned a lot, and I hope you've enjoyed it just as much. Except for some additions to the New COSI History section this will probably be it for awhile unless someone sends me something to put up. I may eventually do a New COSI section, but I'm not counting on it right now. Thank you.

April 18th, 2010: In my quest to continue learning new computer skills by adding to this site, I've been working on cutting parts of the Squirtman-An Educational Trip to COSI YouTube video into pieces I could put at various places on the site. I tried several, but didn't like most. I did put a couple on though. I've a added a new intro into the Street of Yesteryear and videos for recollections, heading down into the coal mine, the water play area of family space, the rock band room, and for a show at the Electrostatic Generator Stage.

April 11th, 2010: Thanks to Miriam Leland, I now have all but 2 of the answer to the COSI Facts Quiz. Question 33 has been corrected (I think) and answers have been added to questions 36, 54, and 89. Michael Hess posted a picture of aliens that were on the x-y projector in the planetarium to the Facebook group The Old COSI. That picture has been added to the planetarium section. Thanks Miriam and Michael.

December 20th, 2009: I've added scans of the 1995 map. It's not much different than the 1997 version and didn't come out as well, but the details on the back are definitely different. I've also added scans from 2 new COSI maps. One from about 2003 or 2004 (before things closed down after the COSI levy failed), and another from this year.

I've also added a little to the history section. I've got a very bad scan of the original (I assume) Center of Science and Industry logo. I look it from the picture of the COSI history display on the mezzanine showcase. If someone has a better scan please post it on the Old COSI Facebook group. Thanks and Merry Christmas everyone.

December 13th, 2009: Miriam Leland (the co-creater of the COSI Facts Quiz on this website) has sent me several more answers to the COSI Facts Quiz. Several of these are in the History section. Thanks Miriam.

I've also updated the new COSI history a little.

November 6th, 2009: It's been 10 years from the day that the new COSI officially opened. I didn't really plan much for this day, but I did create a new banner. At some point in the future, I am planning on updating the new COSI history.

September 18th, 2009: Kim Kiehl was on a guest poster on COSI's official blog. She wrote an entry about COSI memories and the next 10 years. I would encourage everyone to go check it out and to post their thoughts. It's a very good read. She posted a great picture from the outside of COSI at night. I have posted that in the Virtual Trip (outside front of COSI).

September 6th, 2009: Today, it's been 10 years exactly since the original COSI closed. I'm celebrating this anniversary with a really big update. First, I created a collage for the 10th anniversary.

3rd floor: I planned on adding this earlier, but decided I'd make it part of this update. I've added a section for Anti-Gravity Mirror, the news booth, and the rock band room (all pictures coming from the Squirtman YouTube video, thank you Squirtman and Rubbertoe). I've also added a couple pictures to the water section of FAMILIESPACE.

Basement: I've updated the coal mine. It's now 3 pages instead of 1. I've added pictures to it (mostly from the Squirtman YouTube video, thanks). I've also added music to 2 of the sections.

The biggest thing I added (at least time consumption wise), was in regards to the COSI Facts Quiz. This is the real quiz given to employees and volunteers. Myron Stewart helped create it and had sent me a copy I put up a while ago. Heís now sent me the answers he had (which were most of them). Iím still not completely clear on all of them, but except for where otherwise noted, all answers are now scattered around the website in black. I haven't credited him with the information everywhere, but most of it I wouldn't have without him, so I want to give a big thank you to Myron.

After COSI closed, the presidents' exhibit was sold off in pieces. Ben Heckman posted pictures of some of the presidents after being sold on the Facebook group. It's now in Events, Stories, and More. Thanks Ben.

Before the Time Tunnel was set up at COSI, it was the Triumph of Man, an exhibit at the 1964 World's Fair in New York. Scott Bolderson found a copy of the record made as a tribute to it and the pictures from it are now in the Triumph of Man section in Events, Stories, and More. Thanks Scott

I've changed around the stories section to make it easier to post (no registrations, no e-mails). If you have a memory or story to post (or want to leave a comment or just read others' stories), just go to the Guest Book.

There are still some things Iíd like to add if I can get the resources (pictures mostly) and there are a few areas I need to go back and add some to (New COSI section for instance), but this is probably the last big update for awhile. Iíve done most of what Iíve thought about. Thank you everyone for your support and hope you continue to enjoy the site.

August 21st, 2009: No new updates right now, but I wanted to say that I've got several things I'm working on and will probably put them all up together on September 6th (10th anniversary of the closing).

August 13th, 2009: It's been awhile, but my computer died. I've taken a couple more screenshots from the Squirtman YouTube video to add to a few sections of the Virtual Trip. I added one picture to the Solar Front. The others are on the 2nd floor. I've added a section for the Weather Station. I also added pictures to the Angler Ted's/Exploration ship section. Next I'll be adding a few parts to the 3rd floor.

I am going back to what I originally planned in another way. I'm keeping both the oldcosi.com and oldcosi.110mb.com sites updated and separate from each other. If one doesn't work, try the other.

July 11th, 2009: I've got a couple 1st floor Virtual Trip updates today. I've added a section for Recollections and the Space Capsule. I got the pictures from the Squirtman YouTube video. Thanks Squirtman and Rubbertoe.

July 9th, 2009: I've redone the history section some. The biggest change I made was adding a Memorial Hall History section. Thanks to the book, Memorial Hall: Biography of a Building by Evelyn M. Graham and Myron T. Seifert (1973), this section is pretty detailed. Thanks Jennie for suggesting it.

July 5th, 2009: I added a YouTube video on the Time Tunnel page with Fanfare for the Common Man, the music (or some of the music) that played in it. I think I've fixed all the maps. If anyone has anything else to add, please e-mail me or write it on either the Old COSI facebook group or the forum.

The 10th anniversary of the closing of the old COSI is coming up (September 6th, 2009). Hopefully I'll have a job by then and thus will have less time for this, but does anybody have any ideas on what I should add then. I still have some to add here and there, but if anybody has any specific ideas, please e-mail me or post it on the Facebook group The Old COSI or the forum.

July 2nd, 2009: I've started a forum for the website. While I'm sure it won't get a lot of use, I've never started one before and figured it would be at least something new to try.

Video: I've added an 18-minute Youtube video from Squirtman from inside COSI. It's really neat to see and hear the inside of COSI.

I've started the memories/stories section in Events, Stories, and More. If you have a memory you would like to add, please e-mail it to me or direct me to where you posted it. Thanks.

July 1st, 2009: Myron Stewart has donated a copy of a quiz that was used to help people learn their way around COSI that is now in Events, Stories, and More. I've added a picture of a postcard from DESTINATION SPACE! that is there too. I've added a little bit to the history section, including a section for the New COSI's history.

Virtual Trip: I've reworked the Virtual Trip some. I've tried to go through and edit out the most atrocious errors. I've added some information based on comments of photos I have received as well as additional pictures I've received. I've added sections for the gift shop, "Jenny airplane", and Electrostatic Generator Show. I tried to make it a bit easier to navigate, but didn't end up making too many changes. I've added pictures a couple of places and will add more if I get responses to a couple of requests. I've added music to the Planetarium (thanks Geodesium for permission to use it). I've gotten word back from the company that has the rights to "Fanfare for the Common Man." They've been very nice, but I can't spend $50 on music for the website, so am going to have to forget about that for now. I'm thinking about just adding a Youtube video to the top of the page. The only thing I need to do is go back and change the maps. Thank you Jennie Keplar, Julie Koloini, and Mike Smail for pictures.

June 26th, 2009: I've done a lot the last day or so. Looking through things here, I found an old COSI bag and a 1997 COSI map (that felt like a real find). It's posted in the map section of the website. I've gotten some stuff down in the History section. I've added the Wendy's section to the Virtual Trip. In Events, Stories, and More, I've added a flier for COSI summer camps and a Columbus Dispatch scavenger hunt. I've still got more to add, but since I spent time today I should have spent looking for a job, I'll probably should wait until next week.

June 25th, 2009: First I just want to say thank you everyone. The level of support I've received the last couple of days has been fantastic. As a result, there will definitely be some more additions. To the Events, Stories, and More section of the website, I've added a section showing COSI's closing ceremony and the volunteer party that was a little before COSI's last day. I have to thank Jennie Keplar for many of the pictures in the closing ceremony section and all the pictures in the volunteer party section (in addition to other material and comments that will make this site better). Also thank you to Mike Smail for catching a mistake I made there. There are more pictures from the volunteer party on the Former COSI Volunteers Facebook group, but I didn't want to overload things here.

I now know the music that was in the planetarium and coal mine (thank you Mike Smail and Aaron Marine) and will work at getting something up in those sections. I've got the Wendy's pictures from my sister (thank you Kori) and will be making a section for that soon. I'll also be adding a little here and there to the Virtual Trip since I have a few more pictures. I'll also go through and edit, something that's probably long overdue.

June 23rd, 2009: I've made a couple changes since I last updated this page and have some further one's planned. I've haven't been able to find out what wrong at the main site using godaddy. I've called them and they can't figure it out. I've set up a 2nd site at http://oldcosi.110MB.com and changed all the links on the front page to redirect there. I'll planning on keeping both updated, but will use that as the main site if there aren't any problems there.

Other changes: I've taken the music off the first page and time tunnel page. While I think they contributed, I got nervous about leaving them up as I don't think it's technically legal (although finding out how you get permission is insane). I've tried contacting the company that owns the song and am waiting on a response. If I don't get one, I may just put a Youtube video on the Time Tunnel page. I've changed around a few of the links to make this a bit easier to navigate. In the near future, I'm going to add a quiz that was used to help new employees find their way around (being donated by the creator of it) and will add a Wendy's section.

June 10th, 2009: The Virtual Trip, the main portion of the website is just about complete and I'm going to try to put this website online now. The only part still completely missing from the trip is Wendy's and I'll add that in when I get the pictures (I do have access to them, just not here).

Future plans:

Virtual Trip: I've done most of what I can do here. If I get more pictures, I'll add more sections (thank you everyone who has contributed). I might periodically change the movie in the Nickelodeon Theater and will do the same with LIMITEDSPACE if I get pictures. If you have pictures, or anything else that you'd like to contribute, please e-mail me at ericupp@gmail.com or post something on The Old COSI Facebook group page.

Stories: If you have a memory or story (any story) from COSI that you'd like to share, please post it in the stories section (or on Facebook).

Events and More: If you have anything interesting, e-mail it to me or put it on the Facebook group page please.

History: I would like to add a little more to the old COSI section, but don't have many more details. I'll probably add a little more to the history of the new COSI.

Things in particular I'm looking for:

Pictures: There are definitely many, many areas I'm missing or could use better/more pictures for. While I don't promise to put any picture sent to me up, all pictures anywhere in COSI will be appreciated. The specific pictures that I'd like the most would be:
Basement: More coal mining pictures. I'd like to make a coal mining section like the Time Tunnel section, but don't have the pictures for it.
1st floor: Pictures of the lockers, gift shop, and admissions. Pictures of other areas of the main exhibit area, especially the High Tech Showcase.
2nd floor: Pictures of some the exhibits in the weather/waterwonders/economics/crime/etc area.
3rd floor: Life sciences. I'd really like to replace the maze with the normal exhibits.
Map: I would love to put older maps up.
Audio: I now know at least some of the soundtracks that played in the Time Tunnel, planetarium, and coal mine. If you know of any others, please e-mail me.